Be happy, be flexible, believe in yourself, be positive and be open to new possibilities



About 6 years ago my house was flooded and the company that came  in to clean up didn’t do the job properly, needless to say my house developed black mold unbeknownst to me.  I kept on getting respiratory infections and bronchitis. Three years ago I got so sick I had to move out of my house which I did.  Long story short, I have developed a fungus in my lungs which the doctors say the only thing they can do is to control the symptoms.  In the mean time I’m trying to get on with my life the best I know how.  I’ve been sick twice this year and hate it.  Yesterday, I had an appointment, and afterwards I said to myself, I’m going to get rid of this junk by myself.  SO now I’m going to be open to new possibilities, be positive, and  believe in myself.  I’ve been thinking about going organic but the cost has kept me away.  But this is me I’m taking about and I want to live another 30-40 years.

First of all I’ve  been drinking diet pop since I was a teenager and there’s so much junk in it. All of the food we eat are processed with chemicals and they put tons of toxic chemicals on the food we eat. This is what I want to do, cleanse these nasty toxins from my body, this I have to find out how. Then I’m going to introduce only fresh and organic food to my diet and get a message once a month. My friend Kim does massages and it’s really surprising how many toxins she gets out and finally I’m going to exercise this old body. I don’t want to look like a young skinny gal but I just want to feel better.

I am so lucky to be able to work with the people I do. We are an awesome team. I’m hoping that I can receive some support in the new life style I want to obtain. One of the girls in particular I work with is so awesome. She’s young enough to be my daughter and I couldn’t love her more. She went through hell and last year and is such an inspiration to me and others. Part of her treatment was to stay away from all of those preservatives, chemicals, and you name it. She is eating healthy, and is doing wonderful. I feel like I got my friend back. She’s canning and eating organic food and is doing awesome. I tried doing it a while back but really wasn’t motivated. But now I am, want to feel better and get this fungus out of my system. It sucks when you cannot breathe, get out of breath, get tired out so fast and have trouble exercising. Get rid of ingesting yourself with those nasty chemicals. Be a label reader. You’ll be surprised. Even chemicals are put in your seasonings You are what you eat, so stop eating those chemicals and read those labels, I’ve started doing that and I’ve also ordered some Wildtree seasonings which are all organic.

I’m going to take baby steps but wish me luck! In 4 months I’m going to China to see my son and I want to be healthy and happy!

Please let know what you think or if you have any suggestions or even questions. I’ll do my best. In the meantime, Be happy, be flexible, believe in yourself, be positive and be open to new possibilities!

Take care,
Momma Bird Peggy


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