Adjusting to Being Alone

I’m so proud of my son. In May he graduated with honors from college.  On August 1st, he left for China to teach English for a year. And now I’m all alone and excited for the next part of my life.

This past year has been a whirlwind.  Everything I hoped could happen, far exceeded what actually happened.  My son is the world to me. and is the most important person in the world to me. I couldn’t love him any more than I do.

Two years ago I suggested that he quit his job and concentrate on his schooling which he did and has paid off so much.  Immediately after graduating from RCTC with his Associate of Arts he immediately started summer school at Winona and received an A in the history of  East Asia (China/Japan/Korea).

His first semester at Winona State University he was asked to join Golden Key International Honor Society which opened so many doors for him.  He put so much effort into his schooling and studied hard, which has really paid off. in so many ways.  A year ago, Golden Key paid for him to go to an international convention in Atlanta, Georgia, which was awesome for him.   He then received a letter to attend the Presidential Inauguration in January, which was awesome and he had a great time.

His senior semester was spent working many long and hard nights studying so hard.  Michael took 2 semesters of Chinese and his Chinese Professor suggested applying for a job teaching English in Shenzhen, China  which he  applied for and a job was offered to him and he would start his job in August.  He graduated with honors in May, and then kept studying so hard for his graduate exam, which he took two weeks before he left for China.  It was a whirlwind getting ready to leave, getting his passport, his Chinese Visa and going through the medical travel clinic getting his shots, etc. and then packing.  Typical Michael, instead of concentrating on his clothing, shoes, and necessities I caught him deciding which books to bring and thankfully he accepted my gift of a Kindle.

Knowing he was going to forget things, he’d just have to learn the hard way.  On the way to the airport, we were halfway there, Michael said OMG I forgot the charger for my laptop.  I took a deep breath and said okay I’ll drop you off at the airport and then go home and get your charger and in case I don’t get back in time, at least you won’t miss your flight.  Then I went home, got the charger and got back to the airport and barely had enough time to say bye, then he was gone.   I didn’t even had to pay for parking because I wasn’t there that long.  Then it hit me, he’s gone and China is on the other side of the world.  The next couple weeks were really tough for me, Michael was working 12 hour days – 7 days a week working on getting his Chinese Teaching Certification.  College had helped prepare him for this and I am so proud of him.

It has been so awesome to watch him grow into the mature, responsible, smart man that he is.

I have so much pride seeing my son become the man he has become.  And yet, my job is over. He has become everything that I dreamt he could be and more.  I don’t feel like I’m a mom anymore because my job is done. But now I’m all alone. I’m having trouble adjusting to this life.   Now it’s time for me to start living my life.  I’ve spent so much time dedicating myself to my family that now I’m alone; I have to start a new life for myself.

I know there are a lot of people out there where their kids grow up and are alone like me. So the purpose of this blog is to communicate with other mom’s with empty nests and help each other get through this and make new friendships.

If anybody has any tips or suggestions as to what helps you cope with this life change, please comment and let me know.

I’d greatly appreciate it.

Momma Bird,



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